Program Picker

Program Picker is currently unavailable to purchase due to problems with my registration server. Please check back here to see when it will be available again. You can still download the 90 day free trial, but this will expire after 90 days and there is currently no way to register it and end the trial.

  • Fast and easy program launching and task switching, using just two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different programs and/or files.
  • Pin up to 8,000 files and programs on Program Picker tiles - access any of the first 1,600 with just four consecutive keypresses.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • 90 day free trial.
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Program Picker includes:
Program Launcher
Task Switcher
File Launcher

  • Use two consecutive keys to launch up to 40 programs - then use the same two keys to switch to the running programs.
  • Switch to Program Picker by pressing Alt-Tab, or one of six selectable Launch Keys:

, ,, , or

For example, press
to switch to Program Picker, then to open Firefox.

(The NOT key is normally to the left of the '1' key at the top of your (U.K.) keyboard, so it's easy to access. For U.S. keyboards, the tilde key is normally in the same position, to the left of the '1' key at the top of your keyboard.)

Once Firefox is running, press then to switch back to Firefox from any other program.

Running program tiles have a glowing blue background, so you can easily see which programs are already open.

Alt-Tab users: press Alt Tab and then let go - Program Picker will stay open. Press Tab to move across the tiles, then press Alt to select the current tile (either to open the program, or to switch to it).

Pin files to tiles.
1) Press the key of the empty tile you want to pin a file to
2) Navigate to the file
3) Click 'Open'
4) The file is pinned
You can now run the file by just pressing the key of the tile, or by clicking the tile.

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Quick Snap

Easily resize program windows to halves, thirds, quarters, sixths or eighths of your screen, using consecutive keypresses.

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Switcher Mode

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Power User Commands

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Shut Down Window

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Tablet Mode